Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The evil elements in human instinct, could be (normally) hidden, when everything (certainly including the social atmosphere and personal physical condition) is going fine.

So, the real virtuous quality, can actually only be seen from those people, who can keep practicing virtue, even when the situation is infavorable to one's own will. If we rate virtuous level from 0 to 10, I think my husband is targeting towards level 8-9, while the majority of us can only make a 5.

Usually, when we had different opinions upon certain matter, which really brought harm to our interests, he would say that no matter how unfairly he has been treated by the others, there should be no difference to keep conducting one's own behavior with the principle of being kind, merciful and tolerant. He would say that he can only obtain and maintain his self-respect by doing so, no other way round. So, sometimes, I suspect that I am living together with a saint and I told him so.

This kind of remark from me, would normally make him feels uncomfortable, and thus, he couldn't utter a word as a proper reply.

Probably he thought that I was ironic or cynical. But I was, and I am, rather serious. Virtuously speaking, he is really a person who possesses much purer and cleaner spirit than I do. As a man, he might not be the strongest nor smartest, he might not have super talent or shocking sound career. However, he is the most suitable counter balance of my life. In my eyes, I am so sure, that he is one of the most brilliant human individuals, (in case he is not a saint.)

That's why, whenever in the birthday of somebody else whom I know, the feeling of gratitude would be automatically gathered and filling up in my heart. Although I am not a christian, this gratefulness is my feeling towards God, who has brought my husband to me, as a reward, for I have been hanging on with my meaningless life until then.

Today is the birthday of my old brother. I sent a birthday greeting to my old brother, and also, to myself.

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