Thursday, October 20, 2011

Different brothers

Often enough, the big brother in a family, means the thickest column, which holds up the whole roof.
My second aunt is ill again. Or more precisely, she is in hospital again, because I hardly remember any time when she is not ill. But this time, the situation is really critical. Three or more years ago, she has got a tumor in her lymph somewhere around right ear. Due to that, she had an operation, while she had some other operations for some other diseases before already. Two years ago, when my mother was still having her treatment in the hospital, I saw this aunt once, together with other relatives, and felt that 'oh my God, she is still so beautiful'. I wished that I could be still so beautiful when I would reach her age. But now, a bit more than one month ago, when we met her in our family's gathering in Ningxiang, her mouth was uncontrollably dropping to one side. This time, the reason for staying in the hospital, is because of the spreading of the cancer. The evil cells have spied into her brain.
She has always been strong enough mentally. But could she hang on this time as well? Or how long could she hand on still? Her doctor says, two, or three months, even if under treatment.
When I had phone conversation with my father last week, he didn't mention it. But my youngest aunt was obviously worried a big deal. I could see her uneased face from her voice.
Today, when I had phone conversation with my father again, he still didn't mention it. So I mentioned it to him and asked him if he knows it. His answer was kind of ambiguous. He said that the health of my aunt is always having problems. What does that mean? Does he know what exactly is the problem? Did he already contact this aunt or other aunts for exchanging information or emotion? From this ambiguity, I think that I could not expect that he is going to have any related action.
My father is the big brother of this family.

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