Saturday, June 11, 2011

Music education

I can only consider myself as illiterate on Music, when seeing the books, which the music teacher of my husband had recommended to his students and actually which are possessed by his students, for normal high school education in Germany.

With those books, people could obtain not only a fair enough volume of information about music systems, instruments and knowledge of composing, but also a brief glance on history of different countries, or say, that of those groups of culture which have played important roles in the evolution development of the human world, certainly, including a chronological Chinese history. That explains that why does my husband would focus his attention on the technical aspects habitually, when confronting a music, while I would rather tend to emphasize on the compact that the music could have brought upon feeling, namely, upon natural instinct.

Comparing with them, recalling what kind of music lessons that I have had in my own school days, namely, learning revolutionary song and the knowledge of simplified music notes, I can not avoid a sort of bitter feeling from its emerge. This bitter feeling is not derived from the fact that is demonstrated from this specific field, but the reflections on the big scale of educational concept, from the phenomena of this specific field. While we had paid and we are still paying attention on the surface value and contingent notes alone, the others were concentrating on the basic theories, which generate systematic form and reason, on the logic and deep philosophical source behind the seemingly contingent notes. I suddenly realized that the obvious difference, on themetric topics, between the traditional Chinese dramas and western classic music pieces, is not merely a matter of form, but a conclusive manifestation of the fundamental structure of thinking, the vision of priorities, concerning human existence. While Chinese are always ready to follow and obey to a guidence, the westerners are turning inward, searching and questioning.

Having the old music books appeared in our breakfast table, only because we were listening to the different versions of Requiem, and my husband wanted to show me the unfinished status of Mozart's original composition. The idea of listen to those specific pieces of music, was derived from the activity we had last night. We went to a Carl Orff Carmina Burana concert in Kloster Andechs and I compared Carmina Burana with Mozart's Requiem, on the way back when we were crossing the forest and heading to the train station.

(unfinished because lost of interest suddenly.)

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