Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moers Festival

It started since yesterday. Its live-show is available online.
I asked my husband, what's the use for one to buy a ticket and travel all the long way there, while the others could watch the live-show cozily at home and save all the trouble of sweating in the crowd and expending a big fortune on hotels? He replied, what's the meaning for us to go to the concert yesterday, if we could simply watch the video from YouTube? He seems mixed up the classic music and experimental music.
To me, the high-light of Moers Festival, is basically, only the creative little tools which are invented by musicians themselves.
I remember that all the photos, which I took last year from the Moers Festival, were regarded as 'surrealistic' by the others.
I also remember that not long after the Moers Festival last year, the 'Love Parade' incident happened.
Gazing on the the computer screen, my husband uttered a name and asked me if I remember it. I replied, who? Names do not mean anything to me. But my husband insisted, 'he is famous.' So?
No matter what, we abandoned those 'famous' names and only kept the festival running as the background music of our reading session.


Spring Day said...

Hmm, cannot be too famous, because I myself already forgot who that was...

Actually, we both are highly used to having our cultural consumption brought to us in the tele form. So it is always has an aspect of pointlessness to people like us, who do not like to go out. Still, concerning the Carmina burana concert, I must say: Due to the live performance going on not only in front of my eyes but also in the same room that we were in allowed me to direct my attention in a different way than if it were just a video. A live sound allows one to direct ones attention at details whenever one pleases, details that would be drowned out if it were just a recording or a tv broadcast.

And the rest is probably "aura" in Walter Benjamin's sense of the word.

ayu1234 said...

hmm, sure, to see who are those people who share the same enjoyment with us, is one of the details which you mentioned.
The side-effect that the painting 'poor poet' left upon me, is that in the occasions like going to a concert or so, when seeing people dressed up with their ideal, the long coat of the poet would appear in my head then.