Sunday, June 12, 2011


Dreamt about 头晕twice last night. Precisely speaking, the first time, was dreamt in the dream and therefore, I told him that it was such a coincidence that I had just dreamt about him.
He was sitting on a bench at the edge of a forest, alone. But sure, the position in the dreams is never reliable. Hence it changed later into somewhere in a lane, where he chatted with somebody and promised that guy to pay a visit to their 10连, and somewhere in a hotel lobby, where he told me that I look so much older than what he imagined while I got the opposite impression about him.
He embraced my sister with his very strength at the edge of the forest, and produced a broad red stain on her forehead. But he seemed not healthy and carried some pain somewhere in his body. I was trying to find some medicine for him from my handbag, but could not find any. I explained that I used to have everything that one might need in my bag, but they disappeared gradually one by one, because my husband changed this habit of mine. It seems no such preparation is necessary any more.

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