Tuesday, June 14, 2011

concept on Tourism

Professor Yu has some noteworthy remarks on the inclination of Chinese tourism. He said:



As a result of this kind of inclination, theme parks are squeezed inside of natural scenarios, ugly monuments are built on the beach, while the civilization concerning basic human need is neglected, for example, the convenient of toilet.


Spring Day said...

May you never have to suffer like in Trier again.

ayu1234 said...

hahahaha~~~~~~~Europeans have long forgotten that kind of problem, because they have accustomed to a much more leisure style of life than people who comes from developing countries like me. But, I think that the gradually hitting up tourism would make the city planners recognize that--among those people who come in the town, there could be passers-by, who would not sit down in a cafe or restaurant, but simply target a toilet.
Nevertheless, professor Yu was not talking about the quantitative facility, but the quality and civilized level of the facility.
Do you still remember the toilet besides the west lake? Although the osmanthus flowers were spread their fragrance, the toilet smell spread too.