Monday, December 14, 2009


Self-loving, is a topic which has been discussed for thousands of years. But the situation is rather interesting. One is always talking one's own talk, probably due to that 'self' is such a specific term. I guess this is kind of theory which cannot be learned from talking.

A person who does not care of his/her public manner, should be counted as self-loving or not?
A boy who does not even care about the cleanness of his own toilet, could be assumed having the ability of self-loving or not?

rrrrrrrr I am really disgusted.


Spring Day said...

Modern Christians usually say, that self-loving is a necessary pre-condition for lover others. The Bible doesn't say "Love others more than yourself", but "Love others as much as you love yourself". But maybe this modern Christian interpretation is wrong. Maybe self-love is not a pre-requisite. Maybe only the writers of the Bible knew that they couldn't get people to love others more than oneself anyway and didn't want to put the level of demand too high.

ayu1234 said...

As long as one never thinks things in depth, one would hardly get through the link between loving oneself and loving the others. Instead, rather tend to mix up self-loving and selfish.
There is a Chinese saying, 己所不欲,勿施于人。Which means, don't treat the others in the way which you do not want to be treated. Today, whole ironing, this thought jumped into my mind. Following this saying, I think that it is vice verse. One should not expect to be treated in the way that one never applied when treating the others.