Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two SMS received from my father

Last time, when I visited China together with my husband, my father sent me a sms before our departure. It says:

(Huang, message received. Before your departure, I rush some more lines to you:)

(Residing in other people's homeland but treat it as your own,

flying care-freely in the wide sky and carrying the cloud along.

self-strengthen is the life-long task, yet please be cautious,

the morning sunshine could turn into sunset blink-like soon.)

22:28 9/5/09

This time, before I left, I sent a sms to my father saying:

(Baba, thanks for the daily menu specially designed for me all these days. It makes me feel guilty, although the warmth which transmitted to my heart with it is overwhelming. I hope you could take good care of yourself, and always keep the delightful spirit! )

My father replied:

(Jianhuang, received the sms which you sent to me. The one who should feel 'guilty' is me. You rushed all the way back and doing your dutiful labour day and night, but I couldn't give you any compensation. Lucky that you can understand. Thanks! Originally I planned to give you two poems before you leave, yet due to the restless status, I composed only one, and I send it to you for now:)

(Reporting the brightness of the Spring, though exile in a foreign nation,

Returning from thousands miles far with boundless love in homely definition.

Forgetting day and night, serving in front of the sickbed,

the heart as flourishing grass, is spreading flavor with sophistication.)

14:04 10/12/09


Spring Day said...

Thanks for the translations. I'll try to "work" on the poems myself ;-)

ayu1234 said...

Accepted your complaint and translated them. who ask you to be my horse-milk. :-)

Spring Day said...

That was definitely no complaint! (But now, it is interesting to see the translation as well, sure. Your father is really concerned with the distance of you.)

ayu1234 said...

hmm, my poor father...