Saturday, January 12, 2013


It was rather late when I finished cooking for lunch. I closed my eyes with extreme effort, as if the spicy elements of the onion could be squeezed out following the flushing tears. It didn't work, although tears were grunting out like fresh spring, while the burning pain in my eyes got more and more unbearable. So I rushed to the bathroom to have a wash.

I washed my hands first before washing my face. While the water was flushing onto my face, I used my right hand to rub between two eyes. For washing, I always used my right hand. I hoped it could help the wash in a more thorough way. I felt much better after a while. It seemed that the external water could work better than the internal water. I turned the water off and started patting my face to dry.

I believe that my husband had heard my announcement for lunch. But he was obviously not sitting at the dinning table yet, because he was drumming with his fingers.

When I was finally done with my face and came out, he welcomed me with a question:

"Whom would you think the better?"

I was lost.

"I mean, with my drumming skill, would you think that I am good enough to help you beating on your face?"

"haha~~~~you could keep your secret secretly." I replied.

Short after we started eating, his tears started running too. I felt rather amused.

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Spring Day said...

It's not always right to be amused by tears, but in certain occasions it's just the right reaction, hm?