Saturday, December 10, 2011

Church visiting

The link to the title, is a website where we can have a virtual view of Vatican church. I got that link from Eurotimes.

Thinking back the other day, when I was on the phone with Elena, I feel really happy that I was not trapped by the negative emotion, when Elena told me that Eileen doesn't want to talk with me. May God bring her peacefulness!

Today, I feel that I have put down some other burdens in my mind as well. The voice was quite clear, I think. I told myself that it is normal for one to have some momentary confusion, which might lead to behaviors mislay from ideal.

It feels good when drawing more conscious on allowing the others to be human being with flaws.

The following lines are drawn while talking with a friend yesterday, while he mentioned how cold was there in Nanjing:



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