Saturday, November 19, 2011

Positive aspect of staying in the jail

The other day, after left the old civil hall, where the reading gathering of Liao Yi-wu located, I said to my husband, that one positive aspect of staying in the jail, is that it allows people plenty of time for writing. Certainly, that was a bitter irony.
By then, the cold air outdoor had still not deprived the warmth from our body yet. To the U-Bahn station, the distance was very short.
As the response to what I said, my husband replied, well, it depends on what does one write. For noting down the messed up feeling of a prisoner, like Ah Nan, works with 4 million of words and especially contain a lot of pornographic plots, were probably easy to be kept. Nevertheless, the works of Liao Yi-wu had been destroyed by the guards several times and he had to re-write again and again.
My husband's words reminded me of the works of Sade. I guess, this kind of works have still got a big market in China.
A sigh with uncomfortable feeling. Indescribable.

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