Sunday, August 14, 2011

Three elements of Chinese tradition

I was trying to compose a poem for celebrating my father's 80th birthday. Without question, it has to be a poem in accordance to the traditional format.It is really not easy, I said to my husband.
My husband has got a basic idea about its 'pingze' system already. So, baring the difficulty in mind, I was officially introducing an other element of this format to him; the required parallel for the second and third pairs of the verses, in 'qilü'.
I want to make my father happy. It is a very important thing to me. I want my father to perceive my gratefulness for that he is there and staying healthy. I guess I am the only person in our family, who can satisfy his interest on poetry, although I have never been interested in poetry myself and my poems are definitely lousy.
My husband agreed me on this point and he suggested that my brother could probably make my father happy by playing an erhu piece. But what could my sister do?
I replied, yelling, probably. That would make my father feel homely enough.
Both of us laughed with a little bit inevitable bitterness.
After a short pause, my husband concluded the three important elements of Chinese tradition: classic poetry, erhu and yelling.

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