Friday, July 22, 2011

Woman, what's you name?

She is a beautiful woman, according to the nowadays pro-Korean standard, though simple-minded, fair skin, slim, well-balanced body figure, soft and fashionable.
She was a devoted Buddhist, who initiatively sent her daughter to be trained in temples in her summer holidays, though she is not a vegetarian. It seemed to me that she doesn't know how to hate, although one could see that she was unhappy as well, when she was maltreated by other colleagues at work. She is indecisive and no resistant power against being 'baby'ed.
I heard that she was converted into a Christian before she went to the USA from Hong Kong. It might seem strange, but I can understand that situation very well; when one is facing a change of life like that and the future is hidden in the darkness, one's spirit gets simply weaker than ever and therefore crying for a strong enough support. So, I never doubted that she could become a devoted Christian too.
I had a short phone conversation with her today. I caught her while she was in the hospital for a gynecological check. She told me that she has got cancer, while her husband is having affair with 3 different women. The line connection was not good, so she was dropped off from the other side of the line again and again. But she kept trying to call back. She said that she would like to tell the entire story of her to me as my writing material. She would like to give her own life-experience an example to the younger generations and let them to be alerted by the pay-backs of fate.
Still, she don't hate anybody and always ready to accept all hardships that she would have to go through. She believes that what she is suffering now, is only the result of what did she do wrong in last life.
I am looking forward for her visit.
Wish the all mighty God would bring her enough strength for carrying on a better life. After all, she is only in her 30s.

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