Friday, March 25, 2011

Father got wounded

Father has stumbled at the edge of pavement somewhere on the street and cut his face by some part of the stretching cap of the drain today. He called his friend for help. He claimed that he was not sure about the situation of the cutting wound, because his handkerchief got several blood-stains while he used it to press the wound. I guess he was a little panic by then, although he emphasizingly ensured that he is fine but only got a lesson from being careless while walking.

He didn't call his son-in-law, who was by then still having his morning dreams, but instead, a friend who is only one of his students, the one whom I have heard many times from father's share and knowing that she is rather kind and open-minded, certainly, most of all, cares about father heartily with kind of admiration. May God bless this selfless loving aunt.

This is the fashion of our family relation; one has to seek for warmth from outside. Poor father. Who should feel guilty for this poisoned reality?

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