Wednesday, June 30, 2010

enjoyable unconscious

the operation is done. now the wound area feels only a little painful after I had my breakfast together with the pain-killer. I asked the doctor, 'am I 20gm lighter than before?' he said probably 50. wow!
the anethesist is nice. the surgeon is nice too. both of them described the unconscious status as very nice enjoyable feeling. that was really amusing enough. how could people feel nice and enjoyable if one cannot feel anything? this is an interesting part of human awareness of life experience.
I didn't sense a slightest thing during the whole process of operation, but started feel like to cough since I was back to conscious again, due to the uncomfortable feeling at the throat. I guess the nurse was watching after me all the time after the operation was done, and checking my pulse and blood-pressure. everything is fine.
the Pathological diagnostic result will come on Friday. so let's see. Hope everything stays fine and enjoyable.


Spring Day said...

Well, if the uncoscnious state of anaesthesia is considered to be enjoyable, then we should assume the unconscious state of being dead is enjoyable, too. Isn't it?

ayu1234 said...

exactly, that is just what's in my mind...