Saturday, March 27, 2010

a sunny day

That is not a supermarket which I normally go. So, it was by all means, a contingent case.

I was kissed by an old grandma, who is going to be 90 years old soon, twice. That feeling was cute, because it feels always beautiful when you feel that you are loved by somebody and your are not bothered by that love. The way when she returned, felt like if she couldn't help to return and, kissing me was her had-to-do mission at that moment. I didn't do anything good to her, but only standing there and checking a box which is normally used as garden utensile. She gave her opinion regarding the box at first and left. But after a while, she came back and asking if I could understand what did she say. After we made her be sure that she didn't speak to the wall, she left with satisfaction and returned again for those mysterious kisses.

Kai said that she really needs somebody to chat with, when we found that she had cought another stranger by the cashier. She was, again, talking about her son, who is living in Ammersee, her daughter, who has married a swiss man, and her grandchildren.

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