Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The very first cake that I baked

Yesterday, I baked my very first cake, with sesame, the favorite cake in our home, and the creation of Kai.
It happened so naturally, the idea came from a sudden impulse, no excitement, no hesitant, no messing up, everything was in order, as if I am already a very experienced baker.
Kai was certainly surprised, because I announced that the baking job is his territory and I would rather not touch it. So you see, to break a promise or to change a decision is as easy as clicking your finger.


Spring Day said...

My love, I am really very proud of you. You are absolutely a natural talent. Perfect right from the start!

ayu1234 said...

hehe, naeckstes mal will ich uns etwas Keks baken. :-)

Spring Day said...

Na, da bin ich aber gespannt... Hast du schon ein Rezept?