Thursday, December 11, 2008

the encouragement

several days ago, the Deutsch teacher came to me in a quite formal way and said to me in a quite serious tone:"Grace, I just want to encourage you for your writing..."
she mentioned several writers who came from other countries but got their fame with their writing in Deutsch. she also stated that people who studies humanities is hardly after the material flourishing. Certainly, it was really nice of her, and worth a sincere thank as what I did.
Nevertheless, something happened today made me feel ironic about all those encouragement. it was the occasion when the group was talking about the important moments in ones own life, and I named the time when my first story got published.
Now, here came the question which surprised me. she asked, how much? At the first, I thought that she was asking about how many of the stories I have got published. But no, I was wrong. She didn't mean that. What she meant was that HOW MUCH MONEY THAT I GOT PAID BY THE PUBLISHER! I told her, about 9 Euro.
I feel so sorry for disappointed her. I should have earned more to worth her encouragement.


Spring Day said...

Oh, if she was really disappointed by your reply, it only shows how few she knows about publishing business. There are so many people who even have to pay for getting published! And writer's income is criminally low in general, except for the few really famous ones...

ayu1234 said...

many thanks for your tolerance and understanding, my dear Spring Day. Vielleicht kann ich niemals eine bekannte Autorin werden. Aber ich wird mein bestes probieren.