Saturday, November 1, 2008

The white sun

Today's weather should be counted as very good for outing, although the morning was very moggy. Around 10am, when we passed worlzburg with the train, we saw a white sun. 'Is that the sun or the moon?' I asked Kai. I had to make sure, because that was the very first time for me to see a sun which is not orange, not big, not splendid, and not sparkling.
Kai planned the trip back to his parents on this weekend in a kind of impulsive way, because he doesn't have enough books in our little place in Munich. So with this abruptness, he leart a new Chinese expression--bu couqiao (unfortunate coincidence), because one of my old friend is going to pass by Munich today and I will miss the chance to meet him due to this trip. Certainly, as usual, he made a funny variation out of bu couqiao. bu choujiao (prevent to get stinky feet), he said. Certainly, they sound similar enough to him. :-)
I only hope that Chuan will know how sorry I feel, for that we cannot meet today in Munich.

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