Friday, October 31, 2008


Kai sent me a short message from work which told me that he was sleepy therefore missing me, and asked me if he was only infected by me. I was sort of amused, because normally my reply would be 'yes' but not for today. And, it sounds like if I am an expert for being sleepy.
How lucky that I do not feel sleepy today, although the coffee machine is still working in a funny way, which means, I would have to wait for a whole hour before it could provide me a cup of coffee. Coffee is normally my medicine for expelling my headache during the day. Big quantity, dark and strong. Holding a huge mug used to be my character when I was still working. My old colleagues used to call my coffee mug 'bucket' or 'swimming pool'. Whatever.
The day before yesterday, I told my Bosnian classmate that 'meine Kaffeemachine ist kaput', and then, she taught me how to say it in Bosnian. 'Moja machine ja crkla', she said.

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