Thursday, April 12, 2012

the call of fate

Elena said, 10 minutes after she left Eileen, the doctor gave Eileen the injection. Nevertheless, the sleeping process took 2 days before Eileen eventually died.
She didn't want to go, I guess.
I remember that Jiang Xun has mentioned the feeling, of those who are desdined to go but didn't want to, in one of his lectures, while he was lying in the sick bed in the hospital. He said that he has heard the voices of crying, the bed rolled in and out with different patients or bodies lying on it. He said that he could imagine that those souls, at the end of the corridor, didn't want to leave their bodies. I think that I could sense that too. The love of staying in this human world, in which things they don't want to leave, stayed. Oh how unwise is this way of thinking. The souls should remember the complete picture with all elements of this world contained in it, instead of remembering only the good ones.
That was the 22nd of last month. I forgot what did I do in that day. Did I have any dream the night before? Took the diary out and turned to that page, found the following things:
1. chat several words with Fu Qiang on QQ;
2. sent an article to Prof. Shi;
3. Laone is busy, so he has only sent me two articles without leaving any extra words;
4. preparing the mood for the coming tour, but feel not motivated.

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