Sunday, October 2, 2011

I have received a Nikon D7000 as the Birthday present!

My God! I wish I have not been so sentimental few days ago. And then, there would be no need for me to check through the users manu of D7000 now, as the consequence.
The first thing which I had to take care of this morning, right after got up, was unpacking the birthday present from my husband. While I was unpacking, he lighted up some candles around the same table. So, not so surprisingly, the wrapping paper had been lighted up a few seconds later to bring some further excitement. hahahah~~~~~~the gray paper ashes were flying after the fire was exdinguished.


lucy said...

oh my god, your brother in law has dreamed about this for a long time already, I forgot to get this one for him as birthday gift.

ayu1234 said...

I thought that the machine which my brother in law uses, was already better than this one. hmm, but I really do not have the quality for being a secret agent, because I didn't pay attention to its details.:-)
ah my god, that was such a beautiful day, with those hours which we spent in your home!