Friday, July 29, 2011

some note about Chinese

There are some remarks about Chinese people from John Buchan, which are cited from Said's Orientalism and then re-cited in professor Yu's book, while he didn't read through the book of Said yet. Now, I am re-re-citing them from professor Yu's Chinese book without reading the book of Said too. hahaha~~~~~~(while my husband knows which pages are the citation from Buchan in Orientalism.)
Buchan said in 1922:
My husband said that this is prejudice, but I think that it is even true to Chinese people nowadays. I said that there are millions of smart remarks produced everyday in China, which sound seemingly so sharp and so right to the point, yet actually, they could not shake the power of the administrative executives at all, while most people are enjoying 'saying' only, but not 'doing', just like what was depicted in Jiang Wen's movie Let the bullets Fly.

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