Thursday, July 14, 2011

Being a Jiang Ziya or not? That is the question.

I can not understand the society of sina blog. Or, should I conclude that it is simply in vain to build up any kind of link with people through blog? Because the link could be so fragile, insecure, even disgusting.
They never want anything serious. I have to say. When I say so, I do not have only serious or sensible words in my mind, which require thinking or intellectual involvement or so.
I guess that they treat Blogging merely a means of playing, trying the roles which they are unable to play in reality. So pitifully, everyone is playing the game or drama of oneself. Simply, there is only one role on the stage, and they tend to convince themselves that this is the only stage in the world.


lucy said...

did you look at the sina weibo? if so, you will be even lost.

ayu1234 said...

hmm, luckily that I didn't go on with the mini blog.