Monday, May 30, 2011

the editing

The project was activated by the time when I finally decided to learn how to use in-design by myself. That was 4th of May. Now, when chasing back to this day, one then can not help to feel that there might be some kind of metaphorical meaning concealed in it. After all, waiting is always the most annoying thing, to me, or say, to all those who are seeking a way out. I do not have such luck, that things would be autometically straightened out and without squeezing my very effort.
Sure, all the time when working on it, I am still counting too much on the external assistance. I am just too stubborn and at the same time, too lazy. The idea of the mosquito house is there for more than a year already. But nothing happened since it appeared. This is certainly not a pleasant reality.
Simply wish everything would move a bit quicker and smoother.


Spring Day said...

How about these "inspirational" statements? There are some of them that sound reasonable, don't they? Certainly that doesn't mean that I want to help less and get away from my responsibilities. The opposite is true, I certainly want to help much more than I am doing right now.

Spring Day said...

Sorry, forgot the link:

ayu1234 said...

thanks a lot for the link. yes, some of them are simply great!