Thursday, October 21, 2010

To live, or forced to live

That is a question.

To live the way which one wants to live, or to live the way which the others want one to live, that is another question.


Spring Day said...

In my incredibly naive younger days I liked the proverb:
"Zahme Vögel singen von Freiheit. Wilde Vögel fliegen."
This is naive, because in real life we don't just have the distinction between tame and wild, but there are also the categories "bound/tied" and "with clipped wings".

ayu1234 said...

hmm, proverbs tell a lot of fundamental truth. They are certainly worthwhile and useful for setting the basic principles. Nevertheless, as you said, while the proverbs are so firm and clear-cut, the reality can not be over-simplified so easily.
Thank you, Spring Day.