Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the first good news from the new year

I said "first", only because this one is the most noteworthy one. If there are something most noteworthy, certainly there must be some other things which are noteworthy as well, but not necessarily noteworthy that much. For example, I have picked one cent from the pavement on the way of my very first daily shopping tour right after stepped into the new year. To me, that was already noteworthy enough, because I am always the superstitious Chinese who believes in omen very much.

But the good news, which I want to mention now, is that my husband will get 1 week more holidays this year. It was announced by the boss in a 'by the way' fashion, in one of their in-house phone conversation. A very interesting woman, I think, although she is not really lovely appeared to the eyes of the others. It makes me imagining how big a deal it would be, if this thing would ever have happened in the working place of my last job. I know that I should not generalize things based to isolated phenomena, nevertheless, I just cannot help to think that in case I would have asked to make a favorable choice among Germans and Australians, I would rather prefer the former.

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