Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday, I met a hair-dresser who came from Morocco, and dressed up in a way that ensures everybody to recognize his gay identity from the very first glance. The interesting thing to me was, that he introduced himself even in a way that makes people hardly mistaken his remarkable self-esteem.

'I am married to a German man.' He said, the eyesight that he beamed to others as if he was giving some academic lecture.

Nobody felt really so astonished or unusual about that, because this is in Germany. But he seemed not really satisfied with the fact that no question came from the others. So he emphasized the question: 'do you have any question for me? Such as, why do I marry to a man?'

Nobody got any question.

He has got fairly good looking face. Brown skin, short dark hair, not so tall but slim. He said that he got his hair-dresser certificate in Paris, therefore, he is not going to take any cheap job, he only belongs to the high-class salons.

Certainly I understand his point. I was about to ask him if he tried the entertainment field. Those people can pay him a good price for his good training, while the public pay those people well, for the amusement they bring to the spare time of the others.


Spring Day said...

Hm, let's wish him luck. The hair-dresser field is paid very low unless somebody really finds entrance into the entertainment field...
Do you think, hair dressing is art or vanity - or both?

ayu1234 said...

hmm, entschuldigung mein Schatz, zu lange habe ich mich um diesen Blog nicht gekuemmert, deshalb habe ich deinen Kommentar nicht gesehen.

Bezueglich deiner Frage finde ich dass die Frisur vielleicht beides sein kann: Kunst und Eitelkeit. Glaubst du auch?