Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The dentist

recently, in one of my study homework, I wrote that I have been poisoned by my dentist. certainly I do believe that there would be no any one of them trying to poison their patients intentionally, that's against their professional moral after all. Nevertheless, the symptoms I have got after the temporary filling of my old probelmatic tooth, were very much the sort; it felt if there were always something stock at my throat, or the path between the nose and throat, or the tubes behind the throat, for nearly a whole week until I finally decided to visit another dentist.
I had to change the dentist, you know, although the first one has got a nice receiving room in their clinic, several nice nurses in different colors, and quite modernized fancy equipment. Probably the problem came from the modernized equipments, I reflected after I visited the second dentist. The modern equipment are just too handy, too quick, leave no time to people who are applying to their convenience to think, or to check clearly with thought. So, the hairy hand of my second dentist showed me a little piece of the dark old filling material which I got from a HK dentist 3 years ago, and it was still left there in the little hole of the opened tooth, after the poor tooth went through the routine-like procedure of been opened and closed and then opened again for several times, from the manslaughter dentist. Other than this little metal piece, there was also a tiny little piece of half pinky nerve, and the yellowish pus hidden under the 'rubbish can'. This is a much nicer dentist comparing with the first one, I have to say, no matte how old-fashioned are his operation room, or how weird the feeling was when his hairy hand approached my mouth. The most convincing part was that he explains. So, even if I had to bear the hunger for half day after his treatment, it was still much better than having lost my appetite for several days after the treatment from the first dentist. That's why I feel that I cannot resist the temptation to call him the manslaughter dentist, because even if one would not die with the medication got from him directly, there is the very possibility to be killed by side-effects, such as lacking of nutrition resulted from no appetite for food.

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