Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Catcher in the Rye

I know that it looks a bit ridiculous if I say that I have just finished the reading of this book, while I knew that it is worth reading from long long times ago, and I always had the desire for checking it out. I guess this is sort of typical character of my life; for that I have accumulated too many expectations of life, while I have too few energy or capacity for turning them into reality. Actually, this is also the symptom of the little boy who was narrating the story of his messed up thought and messed up life in the book. I believe that there is rally a considerable number of unpractical people, who are seeking for something that the surrounding where they are currently positioned or background couldn't provide, or they think that the surrounding is unfavorable to their pursuit and therefore simply give up, or been sent to the psychiatrists.
It is really not difficult to sense various conflicts between one's ideal world and reality in different levels everyday. This is definitely not an abstract statement that is talking about the mental world only. The continuous process of living is to make constant compromises. It is not a matter of if one wants to or not. The brutal reality is not subject to discussion. No matter if life on the surface is cozy, enjoyable, successful or what, compromise is always what we can find while it is varied in forms.

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